Greeting Dear Ones! My heart is gladdened at the opportunity to be with you once more this fine day. How are you my Dear Ones? These are challenging times, please do not under estimate the challenges you are facing Dear Ones every day at every level of your being. And that is the subject upon which I wish to speak my Dear Hearts. Facing challenges. For that is really why you are here, you may be pleased to know! Challenges are what is customary in the 3rd dimension that you currently reside. The 3rd dimension is a dense physical reality where you incarnate, take up a physical body, in which to experience a quite extreme separation from Source energy, from the source of you.

Only a portion of your being is here Dear Ones, you may be surprised to know just how little of you is actually animating your physical garments at this time. It can vary but on average is less than 5%. Can you imagine! Less than 5% of your mental acuity, your perception, your knowing, your creativity, your problem solving....on and on it goes....

This version of you, who is doing spectacularly well incidentally, is but the tiniest tip of the most infinite iceberg. In coming to Earth you wish to experience all that is contrast, duality and separation in order to expand YOU even more while you are embodied on Earth. Problem is, most of you go through life over coming one challenge after another (most brilliantly I might add) but then do not ‘collect’ the resultant expansion. Meaning every time you overcome a challenge you ‘grow’ into more of you and more of what is available to you, do you see what I mean? You have access to more of you all the time you can actually grow that 5% while you are here on Earth. You can become MORE of yourself if you would just allow it.

And there’s the rub, you Dear Hearts, do all the hard work, expanding through adversity (and let me tell you this here on Earth is quite how shall I say, hardcore, as you put it) so you do all the hard work but do not collect the reward. You do not allow the expansion of yourself into more of who you are because you do not feel worthy of it. You have forgotten your power you have forgotten you are but a tiny fraction of yourself and that you are capable of way way way more Love, understanding, compassion, mental agility, knowing, and so on and so on.

So Dear Hearts, you are living in the most challenging times, and if you would only just relax and allow through these times you will experience the greatest expansion possible ever in the history of this Universe. Know that you are taken care of no matter what, know that you are loved beyond measure no matter what and know that everything is going to be alright, no matter what. Know this as your truth and you will find deep relaxation and peace that will open doors for you into more of yourself and abilities that you only dreamed were possible.

You have it within you Dear Hearts, every single one of you carries the potential perfection of God. You just have to relax and let go of who you are not. Face every coming challenge with an open Loving heart and God will never fail you. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I walk beside you every step of the way.

AuthorGillian Ruddy