My Greetings to you Dears Ones!  I come to you today to speak on the subject of Trust. There is a shortage if trust in this world Dear Ones and without trust among humanity there can be no safety and without safety you are not truly free. How can you trust another when you have been so badly let down? How can you trust another when they do not mean what they say and do not say what they mean Dear ones??  You have learned not to trust another. And this runs deep my friends for it has long been part of your existence on earth.

When man forgot that Father-Mother God had provided all good things in abundant supply you believed there was a shortage. This has led to the possessing of these freely given good things and to the deceitful gaining of these things and the practise of cheating another brother to in order to gain that which you perceive to be in short supply. This is not true Dear Ones. Your ever -loving omnipotent Father-Mother God provided  all good things to you in abundant supply. It is only your perception of lack that is at the root of deceitful behaviour which in turn gives birth to lack of trust.

 So, how can we learn to trust another again? Look within my Dear Ones and take a look see if you first trust yourself. Can you trust yourself to speak the truth? Do you speak the truth to your brothers and sisters, your friends you neighbours or do you speak that which you think they want to hear? Do you speak the truth to your children or that which you think will make them behave in a way that better fits with your communities accepted way? Do you speak the truth to yourself? You are a child of Father-Mother God and as such are Creator Incarnate, do you talk to yourself as if you were gods and goddesses?

When you can see how much thinking and talking and acting from untruths that you operate from Dear Ones then you can see that trust is difficult to find. Begin to speak your truth and you will find trust within that is a strong foundation upon which to radiate forth the frequency of integrity and honour that which you emanate is reflected back to you my Dear Ones, trust yourself and you will be trusted by others. In the presence of truth only truth can exist. Find the liberation that truth is Dear Ones, it is your passport to freedom. Truth is always the easiest path and hand in hand it walks with integrity and from it can only be the beginning of trust. If all of you operated from trust Dear Ones the world would change overnight. Truth is the sword of courageous Masters, weild it and trust is yours. This is what you are Dear Ones. Come home to who you are. In Love eternal, I AM Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy