Greetings Dear Ones! I come today to speak upon that which you most desire my friends, money. Money has come to represent all that you are and all that you are worth. I ask you Dear ones to look beyond this limiting belief. Money has taken a hold and grips you like a boa constrictor paralysing you, limiting your choices and binding you so that you cannot move. Money has come to be your master and you its slave. This was never meant to be.

Money has been invented by those who wish to profit from you and control you, money was invented to take away your choices and your power. This had been a slow process that has crept and crept into your way of living so slowly you did not see its smothering and controlling effects take over your life and take your freedom. Money is but an illusion and it is handcuffs that bind you and keep you from your creativity. It was never meant to be this way Dear Ones, your Father-Mother God did not intend for you to be enslaved. This is a human misecreation.

Money is not necessary Dear Ones, and soon you will come to know this. First you must see it for the sneaky snake that it is. It controls you my Dear Ones fully, it distorts your thinking into beleiving that lack of it means you cannot live the life you want, that you cannot do as you please. This is the great illusion. You are Creators my Dear Ones and as such have no need for money. 

It works like this. Every human exchange is exactly that an exchange. Should you exchange a conversation  or goods and services it does not matter energy is exchanged no matter what. Honouring that exchange is  down to the sovereignty of the individual, for that which is received has a value only known by the receiver. They determine the value of the exchange and act accordingly  according to his or her own personal integrity and authenticity. The receiver may wish to gift back in any way which seems appropriate and the giver is content knowing that in his giving which is blessed and sacred, the Universe returns to him or her manifold. This is Cosmic Law my dear ones.

So do you see, my Beloveds,  that it is your fear that binds you and your conditioning that without money you will not survive. Fear is all it is . Let go Dear ones let go. Your Father -Mother God has provided for you all good things in abundance and if you would only let go of your fear and limited beliefs you would come to understand this as manifest reality on earth. You do not need money Dear ones and while you come to terms with this you are being looked after from on high to ensure that your monetary system will support you all.

Take back your sovereignty my Dear Masters take back what is rightfully yours. Never ending prosperity and abundance is your birthright and will be returned to you. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emmanuel. Go in peace with this in your hearts. My Love is eternal and forever in your hearts.

AuthorGillian Ruddy