Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel and it is an honour to be among you today. Even after all this time of service to you Dear Brothers and Sisters, it feels better than ever to be speaking with you today. Given the day it is today I am tempted to write upon the subject of the dark Ones but I will pay them no heed today. Giving any focus upon the dark is to give them energy and there will be plenty of Dear Ones doing that today, I need not add any more. Instead let us be focussed upon the Light, the Light Victorious, that which illumines and lifts and expands. It was our Heavenly Father who said ‘Let there be Light’ on an in breath as his brilliant mind conceived the Universe and what is less well known , if known at all in modern times, it was our Heavenly Mother who breathed out and consummated this plan of perfection. The Divine Mother gave ‘birth’ to this Universe much like a woman embodied on Earth gives birth to a child. The life giving force comes from our Mother and is sustained with Love. The Love of our Divine Mother literally knits this Universe together.

Now somewhere along the line humanity chose to ignore the very existence of our Divine Mother with dire consequences for all concerned. Your world is out of balance Dear Hearts, there can be no child without a father and a mother and to deny the role of the Mother is ludicrous is it not? But that is what you do every day that you deny the existence of our Divine Mother! And it is so deep rooted in your society that even the Mothers on your Earth have little or no idea of their power and authority. And what purpose has this served Dear Ones? Is this planet operating in a smooth and prosperous and healthy way? I think it not a big surprise to you that your planet, your Mother Earth is also suffering at the hands of a society that does not recognise the Mother.

Dear Hearts, here is the key to restoration of sanity on your planet, the return of the Divine Mother. She has long been waiting for you to remember her Love. She has long been waiting for the day when she can openly pour her Love on each and every one of you and be received by you. She is not angry Dear Ones, but she feels the unnecessary suffering on your planet and longs for the day when you come to your senses and see that by denying the Feminine presence on Earth you deny the very life force of your Universe and if your need any proof of that then look to your dying planet.

No more Dear Hearts, No more. Your great Divine Director will not allow the complete destruction of your planet. The time has come for the fulfilment of a great and long standing Divine Plan for the restoration of humanity to full consciousness and the restoration of this once beautiful and perfect planet.

The rise of the Divine Feminine once again will be a major part of this restoration and I ask you Dear Hearts whether you have chosen to embody this life time as a man or a woman, please do not fear what is to come for you have nothing to fear and everything to rejoice about. The Love of your Mother is all consuming all healing and all forgiving. Your Mother is not angry but she knows you need her Love more than ever. Receive her Love Dear Hearts, surrender to it and know that you only fear because you do not know, you have forgotten the peace that is possible when you embrace the Love and wisdom of our Mother.

Let her into your Hearts Dear Ones, allow her Rose pink Sacred flames to engulf you, to soothe and to heal you. Run back into her loving arms and you will know peace once more. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I smile when I look upon the unending joys that await you.

AuthorGillian Ruddy