Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who greets you this fine day. As always it is my great pleasure to be here with you today. The subject upon which I wish to speak is Wrath.  Wrath is a word usually reserved for Gods, such is the almighty strength and power behind the emotion. Wrath Dear Ones is a level of emotion that is not available to most human beings, wrath is beyond rage and it carries the potential energy to cause hurricanes and tsunamis and floods. Wrath is usually reserved for the Gods because no human being in modern times has the capacity on Earth to hold such an amount of energy in their physical bodies. But let me tell you this Dear Ones, God and those of the spiritual hierarchy, Ascended beings such as myself, the Angelic Host and the Great Cosmic Beings, Dear Hearts, those of us in the higher realms are perfect beings. We do not feel anger therefore we do not feel rage, nor do we feel or express wrath.

Your Father –Mother God is unconditionally loving, is a perfect whole being and is completely free of judgement. Your Father-Mother God therefore, is never disappointed or offended or judges our actions and therefore never experiences anger, rage and never has or ever will inflict or pour wrath upon the people of Earth.

Dear Hearts, wrath is a human creation, born from a time where advanced beings, believed to be ‘Gods’ walked this earth who did have the power to create thunder and lightning, to influence tides and weather patterns. This time has long gone and your modern history does not reach that far back but the threads of these times remain as myth and legend and the belief that God is vengeful and full of wrath for mortal sinners was held true for the mass of the people long enough for the trace of it to dwell within you Dear Hearts to this day.

Every single one of you harbours a piece of you that thinks God is judging you. You may not even be aware of it. There are still many millions of people upon this planet who, when a hurricane strikes, or unprecedented flooding occurs believe that God must be angry. Of course those of us ‘more evolved and more educated’ know that it is of course climate change and if we all stopped using oil and cut our carbon emissions everything would be OK. Dear Hearts, the idea that it is a wrathful God is actually more rational, if you will, than climate change!

My Dear Ones, us in the Ascended realms often ponder upon when is the time going to come that you understand that you are in direct relationship with your planet. When are you going to understand that everything is energy and that everything is intrinsically linked and that negativity is one of the most destructive forces and it this dark negativity pervading on Earth today that is causing your extreme weather patterns and until you STOP with all your war mongering and selfish ungodly ways, you Mother Earth will continue to shake and your surface weather will be chaotic.

Dear Ones I know if you are reading this that you are of good heart and Godly ways. But you are living on this planet too and your voice must start to be heard above those of the voices of the dark ones who seek only war who seek only greed and wealth and care not for the planet or their fellow human beings who dwell upon her. Your voice must be used, your voice must be raised and be heard. Your Mother needs you, your planet needs you NOW. It is not a wrathful God, Dear Hearts nor is it climate change it is you yourselves who have brought about extremes of weather on a planet that is normally stable and moderate around the globe.

Dear Hearts, I am not asking you to take to the streets in protest I am asking you to quietly with your own voice say to yourself, enough is enough. God will hear you, I will hear you and that is enough for us to act upon your wishes. Take responsibility Dear Hearts for the damage you have created, know you have the power in your voice to change everything.

A blissful, paradise Garden of Eden awaits you if you choose to walk this path. That is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and my Love for you is beyond measure.

AuthorGillian Ruddy