Greetings Dear Ones, I am so pleased to be here today to talk with you upon the subject of war. We are at war in this world on many levels. The obvious level such as the troubles in the Middle East Afghanistan and North Africa and the not so obvious level of Light and Dark. War is perhaps not the correct word when speaking of Light v’s dark, for it is not a ‘fight’. Light conquers Dark, always, there is no ‘fight’ per say. Your planet and this Universe operate under the Universal Law of Free will and because of this Law darkness has spread in your world like wild fire as you fell into the lower dimensional frequencies.  There is no real war as such, The Company of Heaven is merely answering your calls to end the suffering. ‘Enough is enough’ you said and we heard you.

Your Mother Earth entered into the physical realm with an agreement in place. That she would not be allowed to be destroyed by her surface inhabitants. This was her ‘safety net’ if you will and she sensed some time ago that her people were on a course of self destruct that would take her with them. She cried for help along with a number of you and we heard your cries. A mighty plan was devised to return the Light to Earth and restore her and her people to their former glory as Spiritual Beings.

So this is not war, this is Light returning. However in your reality it is played out this way. The dark forces that grip your planet are not willing to give up their power or their vast fortunes or their control over the people of earth, War is their lifeline. Does this surprise you Dear Ones? That the people you elect to serve you are in fact ruling you with an iron fist, squeezing everything out of you and our Mother Earth, creating wars to meet their own needs?

Enough is Enough Dear Ones and I ask you today to question everything that does not feel right to you about the way things are in your home, your village, your country and the world. Is this the way you want to live? Do you feel like you have no control over these matters? Do you feel helpless to change anything? I tell you that it is simply not the case. You have all the power Dear Ones, all the power is within you. Enough is enough, take up your power and begin to ask questions of those who are imposing things on you without your consent or permission. Do not accept the answers they give you if you feel in your heart that they are not true. You deserve to live in peace and prosperity, this is what is normal and natural to you. Listen to the reasons that your county is at war, do they sound good to you? Do they feel really good in your heart? It’s time to stop ignoring how you really feel about matters which you think you have no control over. You do Dear Ones, you do.

Start thinking about what kind of world you really want to live in...go crazy for a minute, I mean really do it! Dream up the most amazingly perfect world beyond your wildest imagination. What would your house look like? What kind of friends would you have? How would your children behave? What kind of car would you drive? How much money would you have in the bank? What would your village look like? What kind of shops would you like to buy your things in? What kind of clothes would you wear ? Where would you go on holiday, if everywhere in the world was safe to visit? What ocean would you swim in? How clean and clear would the water be? What is the weather like where you live? Can you imagine these things Dear Ones? I bet you can. Well let me tell you that all of this can be yours and more. If you can think it, it can be done and brought into form. This is my promise to you my Beloveds. Were you told off in class for daydreaming? Which felt better, day dreaming or school work? Do what feels better in life always. Dream on my Dear Brothers and Sisters and thy will be done. I AM Lord Emanuel and it is truely an honour to be with you today. My Love for you is eternal.

AuthorGillian Ruddy