Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel and I come to be with you today to speak upon the subject of Integrity. Yes, Dear Ones, Integrity, do you remember such a thing Dear Ones?! Oh I am joking of course but so long have you been ruled and represented by your Dear Brothers and Sisters who have all but forgotten the meaning of the word. So long have you watched your elected representatives, speak upon matters that affect your daily lives in a manner that will gain them popularity making promises that fail to materialise, so long have you watched them make decisions on your behalf that have you asking the question, is that really for the greater good of all?

I do not wish to make these Dear Ones wrong, they are doing their very best but I wish to point out that integrity has long ‘gone out of the window’ in the ranks of those who govern you and indeed it filters down into all aspects of society, as the ‘dog eat dog’ survival mentality is reflected from the top down.

To operate from Integrity means to speak and to act from your truth, to follow through on promises made, and to always do for others and give of yourself as best you can in any given moment. We all have an internal gauge of integrity, we all know inside when we operate from anything less than integrity, how? Because it does not feel good. Think of a time when you gave less than your best when you did a job or an assignment or any piece of work, think of a time when you have let another Brother down with a less than reasonable excuse, think of a time when you have lied to get out of a situation or have cheated another Brother out of something. Did it feel good? On the other hand can you think of a time when you gave it your all, when you went that extra mile for someone, when you did what you promised you would do even when you really couldn’t be bothered? Didn’t it feel great?

Best of all acting from integrity, whatever that may look like always means you can sleep at night, you can rest easy when your head hits the pillow at the end of the day because you did your best being true to yourself. All of you are born great and inherently good and when you act in accordance with this fact you feel good and find peace within. You have heard of the phrase’ how do they sleep at night?’ in relation to deviant people. Acting without integrity is not your natural way of being and deviates from your inherent greatness and goodness, this will always create an inner conflict meaning it will ‘play on your conscience’ one way or another creating inner chaos and an inability ‘to sleep at night’. So, Dear Hearts, if you seek inner calm, tranquillity and a sense of satisfaction, always act from a place of integrity, using your internal knowing to guide you to give your best and play fair.

You will always be rewarded for making this choice even if it does not appear so immediately. Please do not be put off by the other Brothers around you who may not be ready to play fair or remember their integrity. The higher realms notice, Father -Mother God notices and always operating from this place will attract the same to you eventually if not right away and is rewarded beyond your comprehension in the higher realms of existence.

 Aim high Dear Ones, aim for this lofty ideal, expect it of yourself as you expect it from others. Integrity will return to this world and fairness will prevail. I AM Lord Emanuel and my Love is with you today as always.

AuthorGillian Ruddy