Greetings Dear Ones! Another glorious day upon which I greet you, it is my great pleasure to be here with you. The subject upon which I wish to speak today is Loyalty. Loyalty my Dear Ones, a human trait that in days gone by was highly regarded as one of the most highest traits to have among the noblemen and decent folk. Loyalty to your King was expected and was rewarded and loyalty to your family was and still is, looked upon as something that is expected of you.

While this is not a bad thing Dear Ones, indeed loyalty to those dear to you is part of that which holds the fabric of society together, there is something that must come first. MUST come first, with no exception and that is Loyalty to yourself. It is easy to put the obligations of friends and family before your own, especially your family. You are brought up with parents who make it their job to tell you how to think and how to behave, bless them, they are doing their very best. But from a very young age, your thoughts are not your own. And when your parents’ thoughts and judgements are not enough, you are sent to school where you will make friends who have their own thoughts that are not actually their own in general and you will be told how to behave and what to think by your school in a way that fits your community and the country in which you live. You are taught to be loyal to your school, your country and in some cases, your Queen.

So you see Dear Ones, you have so many thoughts and beliefs thrown at you from such a young age it is almost impossible to discern what is true for you, just you. And therefore it is easier to be loyal to your family first, your friends and your country than to yourself, because at least you know what your parents, your friends and your country expects of you. Can you say the same for yourself, what do you expect from you?

Dear Ones when we put the ties to other before ourselves, we will never find true and lasting happiness. We may look for approval from our parents and constantly behave in a way that will get the approval, we may do the same with a best friend or a spouse but it will never bring you the happiness that you seek. What you seek lies within you. There is not a single more profound truth I could impart to you Dear Ones.

What you seek lies within you. For in you, actually within your physical body you have a piece of your Creator, you house within your chest cavity an actual piece of your Father-Mother God and when you accept this as your truth, you understand that you have a direct line to God 24/7 a direct line to the most unconditionally Loving presence you could ever experience, that God presence within you will guide you and most importantly will Love you from the inside.

Go ahead Dear Ones, if you do not already know this, try it out right now. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your chest cavity around the heart area in the centre of the chest.  As your chest inflates and deflates say the words (out loud if you are safe to do so or to yourself if not) repeat the words I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM THAT I AM. Breathe and wait for your God presence to ignite in your chest. You feel that Dear Ones?

That is you, your individualised God presence within. Within you, you carry the wisdom, the knowledge of the Universe.This is what knows what is best for you, this is what can give you the best guidance for any situation you may face in life. This is the Source of infinite unconditional Love.

Place your loyalty here first and foremost above everything else in your life and I mean EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE in your life, then you are on the path to never ending joy and happiness. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you Dear Hearts, I Love you.

AuthorGillian Ruddy