Greetings Dear Ones! What a great pleasure it is to be with you again this day. How are you all doing today? In good spirits I hope, if not, that is good too. And there it is Dear Ones, the subject upon which I wish to speak today. Acceptance. Acceptance of What Is Dear Ones is the big Golden Key to Freedom. If you can learn to accept what is then you are truly free.

Do you understand what I am saying Dear Hearts? Because it sounds so simple doesn’t it? And it is to be fair, very simple. Accept What Is. However like all the great wisdoms, simple does not equal easy! The intellectual thought is the easy part...'oh yes' you say 'Accept What Is? I can do that, I do that all the time'...Really? I tell you that very very few of you actually mange this moment to moment. This is why the world is populated by people who are imprisoned by their negative feelings and seemingly miserable existences.

Acceptance of What Is simply means to accept where you are, what you are doing, how you are feeling and even what you look like, in every given moment. Ah, can you feel the relaxation sweep over your bodies Dear Ones when you actually stop and let that in? For it is the truth, there is nothing wrong with you in any given moment no matter how you feel, what you are doing and what you look like, even if that is lying watching some mindless TV programme in 3 day old PJ’s eating chocolate in your slightly soiled dressing gown at 3pm in the day. When you give yourself permission to accept that everything is OK no matter what, then you are free, for you stop resisting what is meaning your stop resisting life.

Also let us consider the very angry individual who happens to be on a ‘spiritual path’, is it OK to want to shove an old lady out of the way who is too slow in the supermarket? Or be angry toward a member of your family who does nothing but help you?  Yes Yes Yes, if that is how you truely feel. When we stop resisting What Is and make nothing wrong then we have CHOICE. Instead of making it wrong, how about you just let it be?

Let’s take the example of the slow Older Dear Sister who is taking her time in Tesco and blocking your way to getting on with things way more important than if you are a good and kind hearted person, you would automatically make this wrong about yourself, it is not OK to get frustrated with an elderly lady so you bite your tongue and shuffle behind her gritting your teeth and wincing a thank you as you finally negotiate your trolley past her. So despite all the suppression of the ‘bad thoughts’ you still FEEL the effects of the negative emotion as you pretend to be kind and caring.

Consider this alternative....’oh my goodness this old Dear is so very slow, I have so much to do I have to get out of here in 10 minutes can she go any slower? She can’t even see that I am behind her and arrgghhh’......breathe and let it flow through you feel how you are feeling, witness your reactions watch them, look at yourself and give yourself a second to accept yourself, find some compassion for yourself and may be some humour. That’s all I ask of you Dear Ones, acceptance of yourself no matter what.

Try it today whatever you are doing, whatever situation you find yourself in, whatever mood you find yourself in whatever circumstances you are in, good, bad or indifferent Just accept where you are, what you are doing and how you feel. Know that you are intrinsically good no matter what, know that you are held in deep love and respect no matter what and know you are perfect just as you are no matter what. Accept accept accept and many many many doors of opportunity will open wide for you. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and never ending joy is coming to you my Dear Hearts, go in peace this day.

AuthorGillian Ruddy