Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel and I come to you today to speak with you upon the subject of Lust. Isn’t it funny how mostly all of the subjects I speak upon already have some understanding within your mass consciousness and you may well wonder what on earth I can add to such knowledge! Because you all know that Lust is something that is not desirable or is somehow unethical or is one of the ‘7 deadly sins’.

Oh my my! How so many things have become distorted in your world twisted and distorted to keep you confused and in the dark and fearful of yourselves. To think that lust is a negative trait you immediately deny your own sexuality therefore immediately deny a part of you. Have I not already discussed with you that you Dear Ones are Whole and pure and perfect just as you are? Dear Ones that means ALL of you, without exception, no matter what your personal judgement may be. To deny any basic lustful feelings is to deny your humanity!! In labelling a certain emotional state as negative we cut ourselves off from ourselves , we create fear and confusion around that subject such that we do not know how to deal with ourselves so we shut ourselves down and we do not fully embrace life. Lust Dear Ones, is perfectly natural, it is a result of the polarity between masculine and feminine and is part of the sexual experience. Without lust there would be no attraction and no chemistry.

What would be considered negative would be acting on that lust in an inappropriate way. So long have we denied our power and authority that we forget how to achieve what we want in a connected and civilised manner. So caught up in our own fear are we that we forget the basic human need for connection before any interaction between 2 individuals whether that be sexual interaction or buying carrots at Tesco!

 Connection my Dear Ones, must come first and connection can only be made through the heart and through Love for one another and again this is not confined to the sexual interaction. Lust without heart connection is not a good thing Dear ones Lust without connection is damaging to self. This is a very complex subject relating to the levels of existence you are on and the interaction of your biology with the etheric components of your being and is beyond the scope of this discourse. You will have to trust me when I tell you that sexuality and sexual contact between individuals or groups of individuals without heart connection and without true Love is damaging to the holistic human system and it reduces the amount of God Light you can hold within you.  So, in theory, the advent of lust being a sin had roots in truth, just like all methods of confusion! It is not a good thing to act from lust without Love but it is not a good thing to deny that you experience lust.

Do not deny yourself anything Dear Ones, when you have a lustful thought or feeling, notice it! embrace it! feel it! enjoy it!! For it feels  good my friends and anything that feels good cannot be wrong!! But pay attention to your heart first, do not be a slave to your emotions. Ask yourself this question, does sexual contact with no Love ever feel good after the initial satisfaction of the release of tension? I will leave you with that today Dear ones. It has been an absolute pleasure as always Dear Hearts. I AM Lord Emanuel and my Love for you knows no bounds. God Bless you all.

AuthorGillian Ruddy