Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel and I AM delighted to join with you today. I come to speak to you upon the subject of Wonder. Ah, wonder! What a joyful state! Do you remember wonder Dear Ones? Of course you do. Where do you find it these days? In dramatic sunsets on holiday? The sight of your child learning to walk? The technical capabilities of an iphone?  Is wonder something you experience fleetingly now and again? Is it always something awesome that brings about wonder in you? There was a time Dear Ones when you lived in a constant state of wonder. As children that is all you knew. Every waking moment as a child you spent in a state of wonder. And how quickly you learned Dear Ones, ever notice how children are like sponges? They soak up everything and learn so very quickly, precisely because they live in a constant state of wonder. They do not concern themselves with anything other than wonder of the question that arises from challenges they face.

Children, especially babies, do not have a vast amount of past experience to cloud their judgement or give them expectations and this allows for a very clean environment in which to learn, nothing is tainted by regrets of the past or worries about the future, everything is a new experience and just watch how fast they learn when there is no ‘junk’ in the way!

You see as we get older, we give our minds way too much power. Instead of sorting information and storing it like files in a filing cabinet, as it was designed to do, the mind has been given the keys to the car and is in the driving seat, this was never the intention for the mind. The mind is a wonderful wonderful tool but it was never designed to be in charge Dear Hearts. So instead of a filing system for useful information to be called upon when required, the mind has control and likes to decide in every moment what is what. The mind will evaluate based on experiences of the past and expectations about the future. It usually thinks it knows the outcome and it does not ever understand wonder. Wonder is so much more expansive than the mind wonder uses all the senses and all the levels of existence in its exploration of the environment.

In wonder we are in a state of not knowing anything, a blank slate upon which to be written , in this place so much more information is available to us as we are not restricted to the linear polarised thinking of the mind. In this place we are more likely to find out truth and in this place we are more likely to find things we were not expecting. When we expect a certain outcome, we usually get that outcome. Wonder leaves us in a state of mystery where anything is possible. Open your mind Dear Hearts again to wonder and in this place you will re-discover the magic of life, the unexpected, the seemingly impossible. You will discover things about people you have known for years that you never knew were in there, you will open up a whole new world of magic and mystery.

We do not know it all Dear Hearts, much as believing that gives us a certain sense of security. We know nothing and when you can accept this as your truth the Door to Everything will open for you. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love your precious Hearts.

AuthorGillian Ruddy