Greetings Dear Ones! As ever it is my great pleasure to be here today. I wish to speak with you on the subject of Conformity. Is it not accepted protocol amongst the people of earth that conformity is generally a good thing to aim for? This has always puzzled me. Why is it that you all seek to conform to a rigid way of being when you are all so beautifully individual? You all have a myriad of needs and wants that are beautifully specific just to you. Let me make this clear Dear Ones, you are an individualised expression of our Father-Mother God. Inside each and every one of you resides, in your heart centre, an exact replica of your Father-Mother God and you are on this earth as a uniquely gifted individual representation of God embodied on earth. Your very purpose here is to find yourself, know who you are and express that to its fullest there by adding to the greatness of this Universe and the ever expanding omnipresent Father-Mother God.

Now I know some of this may be news to you but if you will accept it as truth, then you can see, how can you possibly achieve this when you all try to fit in to one accepted ‘normal’ way of existing? And so indignant are you that your way of conformity to what is normal to you is better and more right than someone living in the Middle East for example. And perhaps some Dear Brothers in the Middle East feel the same way about those living in the West. My goodness what a to do!!

Dear Ones, believe me when I say you are precious in your individuality. Please accept the ways of others. Every individual had a right to live and love exactly how they want to without feeling the pressure from others that their way of existing is somehow wrong or less than.

If you have a problem with this then first you might like to more closely examine the ‘normal’ existence by which you so strongly adhere to. You might want to look at the rigid set of rules you adhere to. Do they all serve you? Are you happy about your taxation system? Do you feel joy at the parking fees you pay? Do you think your government is fair and just and morally upstanding? Ponder these questions Dear Ones and ask yourself if you are living within rigid rules because it better serves you to do so or if you are perhaps conditioned to think a certain way and remain in this rigid belief system because you are frightened to step out from it for fear of ridicule and persecution by your community and family. These are powerfully controlling thoughts Dear Ones, the thoughts that you might be isolated for standing up for what you believe in or deciding to follow you passion even if that is knitting baby socks when you are a 35 year old construction worker!

Dear Ones your time is now. Take some time in your day today, heck, do it right now! What burning passion do you have that you dare not express for fear of ridicule or fear of disapproval from your parents or fear of following because it is not a real job or it seems silly and indulgent?

My precious Hearts you cannot fully understand how uniquely gifted you are and how important it is that you honour that unique expression that is you. Never ending joy and bliss await you if you are brave enough to step fully into who you really are with no fear. I will hold your hand all the way if you will let me. I AM Lord Emanuel and I honour each and every one of you right now no matter where you are on your path of Light.

AuthorGillian Ruddy