Greetings Dear Ones! My love for you today is overflowing and as always it is such a pleasure to speak with you. Today I come to speak upon the subject of Greed.  Yes, greed Dear Ones a human trait that has become so acceptable and normal in your society that one almost does not bat an eyelid at the outrageous wealth accumulated by those who would control you both behind the scenes and publicly as you Kings and Queens. This greed is accepted as their God given right. Let me tell you this Dear Ones, no God that I know has given any individual the right to extort vast amounts of money from another brother and to live in frivolous opulence while their subjects live in poverty. This is a most ungodly way to behave. The people in power the people who have assumed power by birthright have no such God given power. This has all been manufactured to suit themselves and to keep the masses under control. No human being has any more or less right in the eyes of God, no human being is more or less worthy than another. This is ludicrous and it is astonishing that the people of the earth have taken it for so long.

Greed is a most unsavoury condition that is borne out of the misconception that resources are in short supply and out of the dog eat dog mentality that pervades human society. Dear Ones you have merely forgotten that you are Creator beings, that God will supply you with all things in abundance in response to your command of thought. You have forgotten this but your rulers have not. Those people who rule over you and control you at the very top level have not forgotten this and so they create scarcity, they manufacture shortages in order to keep you in the belief that things are in short supply. This leads to a survival mentality and a hoarding mentality whereby one brother is set against another and would rather hoard his last piece of bread than share it with his brother.

Dear Hearts this is madness. Madness when you know that God will always provide, not only that when you give give give out what you have when you are generous with your ‘things’ be it money, food, time, Love, when you are generous with what you have to give, when you pour it out on humanity, to your family to a complete Stanger even, what you give is returned to you manifold. Do you understand this Dear Ones? What you give is returned to you manifold, meaning what you put out comes right back around to you many times multipled.

In order for you to receive what is coming back to you Dear Ones, you must be open to receive. And this is the twist in the tale. If you do not believe all things are in an abundant God-supply, if you do not believe that what you give will return to you many times multiplied, then you are not open to receiving that which is yours.

That which is yours is sent back to you, believe me Dear Hearts that is Universal Law. But you will not perceive it as manifest reality unless you know it and receive it with an open heart.

Faith Dear Ones, the first step is faith. I know how hard this is Dear Hearts, you have lived for 12 million years thinking that all things are in limited supply, I know it is challenging to turn that around but turn it around you can. Open your hearts to God and trust Dear Hearts, today. Give something away today Dear Hearts, just one thing, give it away with your blessing knowing that it will return multiplied, this is the path to abundance, I promise you. I AM Lord Emanuel and the limitless supply of all things is yours. I Love you I Bless you I thank you.

AuthorGillian Ruddy