Greetings Dear Ones! What a blessing it is to be among you today. I wish to speak to you this day upon the subject of Jealousy. Ah, yes, jealousy Dear Ones, the ‘green-eyed monster’! We all know and recognise that energy that can sometimes grow into a monster if we allow it.

Jealousy my Dear Ones is often judged to be a negative emotion, something undesirable and we all know it is not an attractive quality in a human being. But I say to you this Dear Ones, jealousy in itself is not something that is wise to suppress. If you feel jealousy at any time Dear Hearts, and be gentle and honest with yourself, we all feel jealous at one time or another , if you feel jealousy at anytime, let it come, welcome it into your being. Listen to what is it saying. Listen to the words that form in your mind as you experience jealousy.

Jealousy can tell you so many things about yourself Dear Ones if you give it the time. We so readily dismiss such a feeling because we know that it is undesirable without actually paying attention to the wisdom that is contained within the thought itself. Jealousy fully felt and expressed can be a wonderful thing, a gift from you to you!

Think of something or someone that makes you feel jealous, may be some possession another Brother has that you do not, may be money that another Brother has that you do not, may be a body shape that you another brother has that you do not. Think about what that is and look at what is contained in the thought. Can you see a reflection?  Can you see that the jealous thought is saying more about you than the brother you are feeling it toward?

 Any area that you feel triggered into jealousy is an area about yourself which you are unhappy, a relationship that you have with yourself that is out of balance and requires some attention. If you are jealous of another’s wealth, you have an unhealthy relationship with money, if you are jealous of another brother’s body shape then you have an unhealthy relationship with your own body and so on. So you see Dear Ones, there is a wealth of information in a jealous thought if you give them the time to develop and see them in a non judgemental way , see them as merely pointers and nuggets of wisdom about yourself.

 There is also a more serious reason to allow the frequency of jealousy to run through you and be acknowledged and that is repression of jealousy will lead to it being stored in your physical body. Emotion is energy and when that energy is not allowed free passage in your body, when it is not expressed, it is stored and stored and when energy builds on energy it grows and becomes greater and greater until it becomes a very unhealthy monster. The green-eyed monster is not jealousy the green-eyed monster is Envy and envy is poisonous in the extreme.

So Dear Ones, do not succumb to the monster do not suppress your jealousy and deny its existence or you will create a monster that is damaging to others and more poignantly is very damaging to self.

So the next time you see another Brother drive past in a shiny new sports car or a sister with an exceptionally nice pair of shoes, smile to yourself and be grateful for the nugget of wisdom that has just landed in your lap. Always be gentle with yourselves Dear Ones and make nothing wrong about what you do say or think. I AM Lord Emanuel and I will Love you always no matter what you do say or think.

AuthorGillian Ruddy