Greetings Dear Ones! Today it is my great pleasure to come to you and speak to you upon the subject of Peace. Much is talked about Peace on Earth. Much is known about it being something that is desirable and that all civilised people should strive to attain. Yet how close are we to this end? Is our world at Peace? So long have we been at war with each other, has it really got us anywhere?

So long have there been wars waging somewhere on this sweet earth that you have forgotten a world at Peace. You have forgotten a world where there is no war for there are no boundaries to defend, nothing is in short supply, so there are no posessions to defend, there is an abundant supply of all good things, and so generosity and sharing are the order of the day. You have forgotten such an existence Dear Ones but I promise you such an existence was once your natural state of being on Mother Earth. It has long since passed into the mists of time and few of you can remember such times but they were here, on this earth and they will return again. This is my promise to you Dear Ones.

You are not helpless, this you must understand. You are not helpless victims in this waiting upon salvation. You have all the power to change everything, this you have forgotten too. Human lust for power and control and greed for all good things is not the way of God and is but a human miscreation in the lower dimensional realms which you fell into long ago. You Dear Ones are responsible for the pain and suffering in the world but this is not bad news!! Do you see how powerful you are? Your thoughts, deeds, action are what create the world you live in, your reality is fashioned by your expectations and affirmations. If you can create lack and scarcity, you can also create abundance and prosperity! That is what you Father-Mother God intended for you, a life where your essential resources are provided in abundance for free. Knowing this as your truth can and will return Peace to Earth and to all Dear Brothers and Sisters who reside upon her.

So the journey starts within, as always Dear Ones. Find Peace within yourselves knowing this to be true. Everything you need is yours, everything is provided for in abundance. There is no need for greed and hoarding, for competition and dog-eat-dog mentality, for although this is not outright war it is still ‘fighting’ amongst yourselves, in families, neighbourhoods and even in the workplace.

Find peace within. Go within yourselves Dear Ones for at least 10 minutes each day. Find a quiet place, somewhere you will not be disturbed and just sit with yourself, quietly and with no judgement or expectation of what will happen. Just be still and mindful of your breath. Do this every day Dear Ones and you will be amazed at the changes that are possible. Find solitude for in this place you will find yourself. You are inherently peaceful and would never consciously harm a single atom of life on your Mother Earth. Find this within yourself and your outer world will change. You have this power.  This is the truth of it. I AM Lord Emanuel, go in peace my Beloveds my heart is with you always.

AuthorGillian Ruddy