Greetings Dear Ones! The subject upon which I wish to speak today is Joy. Joy is not so much an emotion but is a state of being. Joy, my Dears Ones is by what to set your compass. Joy is to you what the magnetic north is to a compass. You need it to find direction. There is so much information coming at you Dear Ones in every moment of your existence, so noisy has your world become that silence is almost unattainable. So challenging it is for you to hear the whisperings of your soul guidance and this is to some extent a deliberate miscreation to keep you from awakening to your true selves.

But that is not the place I wish to go today Dear Ones. Just know that the lack of silence and visual stimulation in almost every public place does not serve to make your receiving of direction an easy task. However there is one marker that you can ‘set your clock by’ so to speak, one that speaks loud enough to be hear d even above the noisy world that you live in and that is joy. Whenever you feel that blissful energy flowing through your body Dear Ones, know that you are on course if you will, aligned with your true being. It is the Universe’s way of telling you that you are on track and moving in the direction which serves your higher good and on the quickest path to your purpose here on earth and in every moment it is a reference point to how close or how far you are from that path.

Learn to notice your joy Dear ones. Pay attention to that which brings you joy in EVERY moment of your life and move toward that which brings you joy. It really is that simple Dear Ones but it is not easy. Not easy because you have come to forget that the purpose of life is joy. You have come to expect challenges and adversity, scarcity, lack and fear. You have come to expect a world that is harsh and judgemental and a world where joy is fleeting and only to be had on special occasions.

You have forgotten that there is joy to be had in every flower, in every sunrise and in every task you do. I hear your resistance Dear Ones, I hear your cries of despair and discontent, you think I do not understand the hardships of your daily existence that seem to get harder and harder each and every day. I do dear ones, I do understand, I walked this earth too and I know the hardships you face. But I say to you take one step at a time. Find the joy in one thing today and place your attention upon that thing, do more of that which brings you joy if even just for 30 minutes in your day. Really give yourself over to that joy for the whole 30 minutes, immerse yourself in it like nothing else exists. Do this every day Dear ones and see if it does not make your life that bit better. Now after one week of this expand that feeling of joy into your day, take it with you into the next task that you feel you have to do Dear Ones and one step at a time the sunshine will return to your life until joy becomes a never ending stream moment to moment, to be found in everything that you do.

And you know Dear Ones, joy is infectious, moving through life in joy affects everyone whose life you touch, you bring Light to the world with every breath you take in joy. Imagine Dear Ones a world where every dear brother and sister radiated just a little joy every day. I can, it would be Heaven on Earth and that is precisely what is coming to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and never ending joy is yours. Namaste.

AuthorGillian Ruddy