Greetings Dear Ones! Such a pleasure it is to be with you today and such an honour to have the opportunity to speak with you. Today I wish to speak upon the subject of Hope. If you look around you today Dear Ones you could be forgiven for having no hope for humanity. If you look at the television, read the newspapers, listen to the radio you could be forgiven for thinking that world has gone quite mad. As the world is seemingly falling in to more chaos, as the global economy worsens, the war machine still rumbles on, the threat of terrorism is ever present, the price of food is rising, all this is going on around you and yet the radio waves and the television screens are filled with viewing that would turn your brain to soup!! Programmes designed to give you what you want and need, a break from reality. Instead of focussing on solutions to the problems of this earth, the media serves to point out all that is negative in this world and then encourage you to switch off from it. It is setting you up for hopelessness Dear Ones. And you  would be forgiven for thinking that there was no hope.

And yet, know this my Beloveds, what you see out in the world, all the chaos, war, flooding, economic meltdown, is an almighty release of negativity. The Light of God is beaming down on this planet like never before. The days of depravity are over, this has been decreed Dear Ones and the Company of Heaven has all hands on deck, throwing at you everything we have in our power to make this a manifest reality on your Beloved Earth. But this raising of the Light on Earth will appear to those of you who are not aware of the Great Divine Plan, like the world is sinking lower into chaos and destruction.

This is simply not true Dear Ones. Such is the negativity on Planet Earth, such is the magnitude of the collective negativity of the human race that the purging of such a force is somewhat of a bumpy ride. As the Light increases on your planet, and it is so daily, the accumulated negative energy must come forth to be transmuted and released and loved back to the Light. And so my Dear Ones, this purging of negativity means that your Brothers and Sisters will be acting out the final throes of their stored negativity, it will be coming up to the surface to be released, which means in reality Dear Ones, that many many of your Brothers and Sisters will appear to be getting more outrageous in their unbelievable behaviour toward one another in the short term, yes my Dear Ones, in the SHORT term.

The time is coming very soon when the level of Light upon this earth will reach a level whereby the negativity of the human race will not be able to exist. A tipping point will come whereby the lower vibrating emotions just simply will be unable to exist. They will seemingly evaporate. The Dear Brothers and Sisters who still carry hate will simply be unable to ‘hold on’ to any negative thoughts. They will evaporate almost as soon as they come into being, quicker than the dear Brother can act on that thought. Eventually the formation of these negative thoughts will fade away and the existence of such negativity will be a become a memory and eventually fade completely and be forgotten.

What will replace this will be the energy of Love and high vibrating emotions such as joy, happiness, peace and tranquillity and harmony will be the order of the day.

And so you see Dear Ones, out of the ashes of the current chaos you are now facing in your outer world will rise a new dawn, a new respect and reverence for one another and a camaraderie among the people of earth to stand together and solve the problems you face. With a united stance you will transform this sweet Earth in no time at all and return the planet to a beautiful, peaceful and prosperous Garden of Eden, just as it always was.

So Dear ones, there is hope, there is more than hope, there is an absolute guarantee that this will be so. The Company of Heaven is God Victorious, you are God Victorious, and you will take you place as Creator beings in this Universe once again. Go forward out into your world today with this knowledge in your hearts and may it bring you strength and courage. Bless you Dear Hearts I AM Lord Emanuel and I AM with you every step of the way.

AuthorGillian Ruddy