Greetings Dear Ones! It is an honour to be with you today, I AM so grateful for your presence here with me this day. Welcome, welcome, welcome! Today Dear Ones, I wish to speak upon the subject of Stars. There are billions upon billions upon billions of stars in your Universe Dear Ones, twinkling in the night sky you observe them in wonder. Your Scientists study them, watch them, count them, theorise over them, age them and yet they really know nothing about them, from my perspective, of course. So little is known to you about your Universe that from the perspective of the Higher realms you are like babies learning about your environment. For you are trying to make sense of your Universe from a perspective of beings who do not yet know the full picture, who do not yet know what is really going on, like a baby even your sight is not yet developed enough to focus properly.

And yet so much of your scientific community would have you believe that what they say is written in stone and cannot be refuted. But the more they discover Dear Ones, the more they realise they do not know. The more they look for evidence to support the scientific theory of evolution to explain our existence and the origins of the Universe the more they find which is contrary to this theory. But instead of looking at the evidence which disputes their accepted theories, they dismiss this evidence and assign it to the junk pile. But you see Dear Ones, this junk pile of evidence that refutes the theory of evolution all points to one thing and one thing only, the existence of a Supreme Creator.

All the evidence thrown away by scientists because it does not match their theory now sits in one enormous pile while the evidence gathered to support the widely accepted theory that we happened by chance to be here, the evidence that the scientists hold on to and use to justify the absence of a Creator, is but a teeny tiny little pile in comparison. Dear Ones, I do not wish to say that your good scientists are deliberately misleading you, they are doing the very best with what they have but so blinded are they by the accepted theories that they do not think to turn around and look at the enormous pile of evidence which all points to one thing and one thing only and that is the existence of a Supreme Creator. So busy are they proving themselves to be right that they do not take the time to turn around and see the gargantuan pile of evidence they have chosen to ignore that does not fit in with the modern accepted theory that we happened by chance and evolved by the means of natural selection.

We are very close Dear Ones, very close indeed to breaking through the old paradigm which has had a strangle hold on the scientific community for so long. Many many many great and brilliant scientists are ‘joining the dots’ so to speak, and are beginning to see that the overwhelming picture emerging from all the evidence gathered is that the Universe is pure consciousness, that matter is pure light condensed and that the glue keeping it all together is the energy of Love.

It is that simple Dear Hearts, and one day very soon, your scientists will acknowledge the presence of God and the presence of a Supreme Being and the theory that was held in place to keep you separated from this truth will dissolve and disappear and fall away to make way for what has always been true, your are Creator Incarnates playing with form in the material realms of existence. The scientists of your future who embrace this truth will astonish you with their brilliance at applying the principle and theories of this Universe in ways that will bring a staggering transformation on this planet and bring new technologies that will bring in new ways of existence that will be clean and will be free. This will herald a brand new world where the water is pure, the air is clean and energy is free. You will once again walk this beautiful earth, in peace, prosperity and in total and complete harmony with your Mother Earth. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel, may your hearts be filled with hope, your new dawn is almost upon you. I Love you and I Bless you.

AuthorGillian Ruddy