Greetings my Dear Ones! The subject upon which I wish to speak is Hurt. Being hurt by another human being be it physical or emotional is a very painful thing Dear Ones. The pain can run so deep and cause such tear in the soul because Dear Ones, it is so alien to you, to cause harm to another. And to be harmed by another.

So alien a concept to you, you cannot imagine. You were born forth into this life from the all encompassing Love and Peace of the dimensions above the 3rd dimension of your planet. From that place of all loving, all knowing, all One, you are born into a physical reality where you are separate from one another and from God. This is a big shock to your system Dear Ones and it jump starts a defence mechanism that will serve you well to protect you in this hostile environment. It may defend you from hurt but it will not stop the pain.

Your fellow human beings have an enormous capacity to hurt you, especially those that you hold dearest to you and those you hold in high regard or you look up to.  This is no accident Dear Ones for this is the greatest act of Love they can give you. Every time you hurt Dear Ones, every time another causes you harm, physical or emotional you have been given a gift.  It very well may not feel like it Dear Ones, but hear me out.

Every time another brother hurts you with words, actions, deeds, they are giving you a choice and an opportunity. Every time you feel pain you have a choice in how to act. You can take the easy route and lash back in anger, match the pain with equally painful responses, you can retaliate with physical anger or you can stuff it down and save it for later to bring back up against the Dear Brother at a later date, perhaps again and again. Or you can choose to take one step closer to your Divine self, you can see the opportunity that it is to come closer to the greatness of your being. You can choose to forgive, you can choose not to react, you can choose to walk away and you can choose to understand that your Dear Brothers and Sisters are doing their very best with what they have available to them.

Know Dear Ones, that none of the choices are wrong but one is the fast track to who you really are; Creator Incarnate, Master of this Universe with Heaven at your command.  I AM Lord Emmanuel and my Love for you blazes forth no matter what, my precious Hearts.

AuthorGillian Ruddy