Greetings Dear Ones! I come to you today with great pleasure, to speak upon the subject of Compassion. Compassion is one of the most powerful qualities in a human being. Alongside Love it is what makes human beings so very special in this Universe.

Your ability to find compassion for one another is a most beautiful thing to behold.  And above all else it is a most pleasurable thing to feel. Think about it Dear Ones, think about how you actually feel inside when the energy of compassion flows through your body. Really feel it now as you think of someone or some situation that brings compassion moving through you. A cold and wet puppy, a starving baby, a lost child, feel that emotion running through you, is it pleasurable Dear Ones? Does it feel good? Does it fill you with a sense of purpose? 

Now allow the feeling of hate to run through you. Really feel it, think of someone or something that would bring that emotion up and through you. How does that feel in your body Dear Ones? Take a moment to really feel the energy of anger moving through you, is it pleasant to you? So given a choice, which emotion would you rather feel, which frequency of energy would you prefer to move in your body? Do you think your body knows something you don’t?

Dear Ones the energy (for that is what an emotion is, a frequency of energy) of hate is damaging to your body this is why it does not feel good. The energy of compassion is healing and nourishing to your body that is why it feels so good.

So do you see Dear Ones you have a choice in this? No matter what dear brother is in your face so to speak, you have a choice what to experience in your body, hate or compassion. And it comes down to a simpler question than that, do you choose health or disease my Dear Ones? In every moment of every day, in every situation you find yourself in you have choice Dear Ones if you would just take the time to make that choice.

So, the next time you are faced with someone whose life stream is causing them disharmony, take a breath Dear Ones and think for a minute, then choose your course of action and  the emotion you choose to operate from. This is conscious choice Beloveds and is the path to vibrant health and happiness no matter what. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emmanuel and My Love for you is without condition and knows no end.

AuthorGillian Ruddy