Greetings Dear Ones! It is my honour and great pleasure to come to you today to speak on the subject of Wisdom. Ah, wisdom, we all know that it is positive quality, one that will take us far in life and yet how do we become wise, Dear Ones? What is it about certain people that have that deep quality of wisdom? They smile in a certain way don’t they Dear Ones?  A smile that says a thousand words and is often matched with a radiant twinkle in their eye. What is that Dear Ones? I tell you now it is God. 

Those people who radiate wisdom from that deeply rooted, strong and knowing place are simple open doors to their own Godself. They have reached a stage in their evolution where they have attained the ability to be open enough to allow their great God presence flow through them unhindered and out into the world. In past times such wise people have had a very colourful past. Sometimes they have been revered and held in high esteem; elders, ‘see-ers’ sages, advisors to great leaders, midwives, and so it goes on. Sometimes their fate has not been so favourable for in their infinite wisdom comes a responsibility and potential for great power over humanity. Sometimes this was threatening and sometimes this power was abused and these individuals were punished severely for their gift of wisdom. Either way they stood out, were different, and in one way or another were of great service to humanity.

Do you think they are different from you Dear Ones? Do you think they are better than you Dear Ones? Do you think you need such people to advise you and give you counsel? I say to you that they are not better than you and I say to you, you do not need and counsel from any outside source. These great and wise people who litter your Earth’s history were no different to you. They merely remembered their ability to access their greater God self, the Mighty I AM presence, All There Is.

You have the same ability you have merely forgotten. You can open the door to yourself, your God self and gain access to the same ‘library’ of information. All you need to do is accept this as your truth and clear the way. Simple, Dear Ones, but not easy! If you struggle even to imagine that you have a God self, higher self, I AM presence, would you like to see if you do? Would you like to feel it? Say hello to it? Ok then, try this for starters... sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 15 minutes. Stand, feet apart about shoulder width apart, arms hanging by your sides and take several deep long breaths that reach low down into your belly. Imagine the crown of your head, the area exactly the size that a crown would sit and imagine it opening like a flower, imagine a column of Light extending vertically upwards from this crown. Take a few minutes like this in silence and just wait. Put your ‘feelers’ out reach into the area above your head with your mind about 15 feet in the air and just wait.....and see how it feels. Your God self would like to say hello!!

Each and every one of you has a higher self , a great individualised God presence and it is re-connecting to this my friends that will open the door to infinite wisdom, precisely the same source as any great wise teacher of the past, including ,myself! You have it all within you Dear Hearts. You need to look to no one else for your guidance. Every problem has a solution and the answer lies within for your great God presence is connected to your heart and there you will find everything. That is my promise to you, Blessed Hearts. Thank you for your time today, I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you so very dearly for all eternity.

AuthorGillian Ruddy