Greeting Dear Ones!  I AM Lord Emmanuel and I come to speak with you on the subject of Imprisonment. What a subject to talk about! It is far from your minds Dears ones. You have a great saying ‘out of sight out of mind’ and this is and this is why the subject would be far from your thoughts. Yet do you know how many millions of people are sitting in jail cells right now Dear ones? Across the world in varying degrees of humane conditions we lock our prisoners away like animals.

Is there anything humane about locking a human being in a small room? Is there anything human about keeping criminals together, their different degrees of criminality not really paid attention to? What hope do you really think they have Dear Ones? What hope is there for a human being locked in a small room? Do you think they will amend their ways this way? Many of you will believe that they deserve what they get and must pay for their crimes and while your Father-Mother God feels the same way, don’t you think it is dealt with in more effective ways on the other side of 3rd dimensional reality?

 Actions that people take are never thought of as crimes in the higher dimensions merely choices. Choices that lead to one outcome or another. There are no bad people Dear ones you are all sons and daughters of God no matter how far from showing that each person is. What you call criminals to us are merely souls who make choices from fear and lack to varying degrees. They know not what they do or they would do otherwise, do you not think? Of course they would Dear Ones. We all make the best choice in the moment with what we have.

In the higher dimensions when you return from your earthly journey and after a long rest for your weary soul, you are given the opportunity to review your life in great detail to view the choices you made. And what is not available to you while you walk on earth is that your are able to see the consequences of you actions. You get to see the effect your words, thoughts actions and deeds had on those close to you and those you interacted with on a daily basis. You get to witness the energy exchanges as well as the direct physical consequences of your thoughts, deeds, words and actions. There is no judgement in this Dear Ones, you do not have a punishing Father-Mother God. Your Father-Mother God is unconditionally and eternally loving and there is no judgement no punishment in the higher realms.  I will talk at length on the subject of punishment another time my friends.

Today I wish you to think upon the insanity that is to lock another human being away for making a choice that was self serving and not beneficial to the greater good of all. Locked away a human being has virtually no chance of recovery of or transformation in to a human being that will thrive and contribute to society and the greater good. Do you think there is another way Dear Ones? Search your hearts for you will find the answer lies there. Compassion and forgiveness and above all the ability to Love are the hall marks of the human race and of the Masters. This is what you are Dear Ones and you are returning to claim your birthright. Think like a Master and all good things in never ending abundance will be yours, this is my promise you to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and my Love for you is with you through all of your earthly endeavours. Namaste.

AuthorGillian Ruddy