Greetings Dear Ones! I come to you today to speak upon the subject of Divinity. A huge subject Dear Ones too large to begin to cover in a few words here today. My purpose today is but to scratch the surface so to speak to ‘set the record straight’ somewhat on the meaning of that word and what it is to be a divine being in this universe. For that is what you are Dear Ones, Divine Beings created by the In-breath of the Father and out-breath of the Mother God, each and every one of us created in the Divine Will and Mind of our Father and in the Divine Love and Reverence of our Mother.

We are Divine by our birthright every fibre of our being is of Divine creation, orchestration and every minute of our day is divinely timed and executed by a legion of unseen divine beings in service to the Light in order to keep in rhythm this one great expanse that is our Universe. We are all playing in harmony with the one great beingness as we are in our own individual expression of this Divine expansiveness.

What does this mean to you Dear Ones?  What does this actually mean in your daily life, how does this relate to you as you go about your daily business, your daily routine with the Ones dear to you in your life? It means that you can relax, my Beloveds, it means that you can trust that all is as it should be, yes ALL is as it should be no matter what that may look like to you. Every single thing down to the last, minute detail is just as it should be in every moment.

This Dear Ones, the understanding of this leads to acceptance. Acceptance of What is in the now moment. Remember this in your daily life and you will experience profound change for the better. Acceptance of what is in your life, every single facet of your life, right down to that unpaid bill and that credit card payment that you think you might miss this month, acceptance that all of that is perfect for you just as it is, is to stop resisting life. It is to stop pushing against life and to stop refusing  to allow the divine nature of your being to allow you to float effortlessly to exactly where you are meant to be.

There is a divine intelligence unseen by your naked eye at present that weaves altogether what is, you are an intrinsic part of the fabric of what is and you do have conscious control over it. But only can you exert your control when you are conscious to it  and by that I mean you have to accept what is, be still , stop the chatter, stop the resistance, stop the ‘should be’s’ the ought to’s and all the places you think you are meant to be by now and just let it be. In this place you have control, in this place you have access to focus, in this place you can see all there is to see and act from a place of stability and knowing.

It is not easy Dear Ones and it takes diligent practise and determination, Start with this Dear Ones, start with recognising your own Divinity, your own part in this expansive web of consciousness. Know that you are as important to Father-Mother God as any child is to its parents, know that every thought, deed and action you make is divinely woven and can never be wrong. Use this knowing to give yourselves a break. You are perfect just as you are, right here right now no matter what. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you eternally, right here right now no matter what.

AuthorGillian Ruddy