Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel coming to you this day with more power and authority than has ever been possible before this moment. Breathe that in with me Dear Ones, breathe in the 5th dimensional energies that are here now. Breathe them in deeply long and slow inhales and exhales and know that I AM with you Now. Feel the peace of that seep through your Being and feel the comfort saturate every cell of your body, breath again deep with me, let the rich and beautiful nectar of Divine Love seep seep seep into your body and run like thick honey into every cell of your body. Ah now that feels good.

There is more available to you Dear Ones, the moment that you read these word the energy opens up for you to receive but you can only receive that which you will give yourself permission to, you are the only one limiting your experience, more is available to you Dear Ones and if you so wish, if it feels right to you, let go, just let go some more, relax every part of your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and I mean from the hair follicles on the top of your head to the toe nails of your toes, every part , nothing left out. Sink deeper and deeper into what is available to you. Feel that Divinity, feel that power and authority, feel that strength and solidity, feel how you can have all of that from a completely relaxed state of Being, no tension, no effort on your part just pure and intense natural attributes of God.

Dear Ones, although I AM imparting this message to you, you are so very ready to not only understand but to fully realise within you and to fully live the absolute Truth that you are the Source of all of this that you are feeling, not me. I AM here to facilitate what is possible for you, I AM here to impart healing energies that will clear the way for you at levels you can’t see, I AM here to make all of that possible for you but ultimately it is you who is doing this.

How far do you want to take this? How deeply do you want to go? How far can you take the understanding which will become the knowing that we are all One Intelligence? I AM in fact you in a different form, I am no greater, I am no lesser than you. I have been held up as the Son of God, the only Son of God. This is a falsehood and the true intention of my words has been changed, transformed and twisted to keep you from knowing and fully integrating the Truth that we are all sons and daughters of God.

I wish to impart here and now that I never actually declared myself to be the son of God. Rather my proclamation was this:


The Sun, the Source of Light upon this planet, the very same sun that radiates within my chest, the very same sun that is radiating in yours. Can you feel it Dear Ones? Many of you are now feeling the sun within your own chest. That unmistakable radiant power that pulses within your chest cavity and feels like the most powerful Love force that goes beyond anything that you may have experienced before or attributed to romantic Love. This is a force that splits atoms, this is a force that can create or destroy planets, this is a force that can achieve anything it desires and it is within every single one of you.

You have this power at your command. Now. Do not waste your time and effort trying to change your planet’s external calamities. Do not waste your time trying to fix problems that are happening in the other side of your planet, do not waste your emotional energy collapsing in the face of the pain and suffering of others.

It is time that you turn all of your time and energy on this radiant sun within, for this is where the power to change your entire planet lives and breathes. How can you harness this power when you are looking over there? How can you learn to direct this power when you are attempting to direct the external events of your life? How can you focus this power when your mind is concerned with the starving children? How can you breathe Peace into the atmosphere when you are at war with those who are at war?

Dear Ones, I AM the Sun of God as are You. Take a moment to contemplate what that really means. Take a moment to understand that you have all the power of the Supreme Creator inside of yourself.

Just One of you can change the face of this sweet Earth. But only when that One no longer desires the change that it seeks. There is nothing wrong with your planet. It does not need to be fixed. It is all Divinity in action sorting itself out on it’s Divine Destiny that it can’t avoid; the ascension of this planet and every living soul upon it.

Stop seeking to change it and in the blink of an eye, it will change. Heaven on Earth will appear before your very eyes as soon as you take the time to stop and see that it is already here. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you. Every single one of you is as great as I ever was and more. I Love you. Every single one of you is as great as I ever was and more. You take my breath away.

God Bless You

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy

Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be here with you again this day and I AM here with you now, take a moment to tangibly feel my presence, be still for a moment, breathe with me and wait until you can sense my presence with you. I AM always with you as it happens but you perceive me as coming and going because you are being asked to focus your attention upon my presence but actually in 'reality’ I AM always with you. And in reality I AM you. Dear Ones, I have led you home to your hearts and now we walk into another journey, the inner journey that is beyond the conventional concept of spirituality and into the realms of consciousness, that which is in all things at all times, that which you are, that which I AM that which is called God.

Take a deep breath Dear Ones, in and out, deep long inhale and deep long exhale and bring your attention inward to you heart where you can feel God or just to you, your Beingness. Bring your attention within yourself for in reality all of your experience takes place here. Not outside of yourself. Here I AM. And I AM You. Come to remind you of that which you have chosen to forget for the experience of remembering.

Feel the Truth of that now Dear Ones, breathe that in and feel the comfort and ease with which you can abide here. It takes no effort to be here, it takes no doing, notice there is nothing that you must do to be aware of yourself in this way except perhaps still yourself by following your breath. Even then that is not totally necessary but very very helpful in deepening your experience and accelerating that deep connection with that which can never not be present.

Take a moment Dear Ones and invite me to come forward and amplify this experience for you. Breathe with me and allow whatever your experience to just be your experience and feel what lies underneath that feeling. The ever present I that I AM. Notice your thoughts, notice sounds and sensations in your body and notice that they are all within you. Close your eyes, if they are not already and you will experience a deeper sensation of this realisation that all of your experience, with no exception, occurs within you, occurs within the expansive ever present I that you are.

Sounds, smells, tastes, sensations thoughts feelings are all happening within the confines of your physical body, not outside of it. I AM. Feel and sense that which is experiencing all of this, that which has no name, that which can’t be described, that which has been the subject of countless books, that which has formed countless belief systems, that which has been realised by countless Masters, that which has been fought over, that which is sought by every human being consciously or not; God, All There Is.

Dear Ones, the idea of a separate self is an experience we all came here to have, there is nothing wrong with it, the separate self is an idea created by the Infinite to be finite, focussed, here in a body. And in this realisation the suffering of the separate self is ended. There is no separation but there is an idea of it that allows the experience of life in a body on a planet.

Once this understanding starts to filter into your experience the dysfunctional sides of the idea of a separate self will begin to dissolve as the roots of its existence have been severed, have been removed. There will be echoes, Dear Ones, of the suffering of the separate self, you will experience for some time to come the temporary discomfort of suffering when the belief in the separate self overwhelms you once again but Dear Ones, you are crossing and some of you have crossed into the understanding and actual experience that there is no separate self but an idea of one which allows the Infinite to experience life as finite in form in a body with seemingly countless other versions of itself in all shapes sizes and forms with all manner of belief systems and ideas about how life should be lived.

Dear Ones once you come into the understanding that the separate self is but an idea in order to allow the experience of Divinity embodied, then your life truly begins. Because once you realise that the Infinite is only here to experience life, well why would you not start living it full on full out, with no shame, no limitation? A totally liberated Being.

Life is here to be experienced that is All There Is.

And if your experience is uncomfortable right now, if your circumstances feel less than great right now, experience them full on, stop distracting yourselves Dear Hearts from the discomfort that you are in if that is your experience. Face it full on, feel it full on, it will not kill you and even if it feels like it might, know that the Light of God that you are devours everything. God is here to play full on, God is here to experience full on, that is why you came here. When you face what you cannot escape, Dear Ones, life will stop giving you that experience and liberation is yours and when you finally give up the idea that there is anything else but God at play here, God will come out to play and life starts showing up as the Heaven that you never left.

Allow the illusion of the separate self to fall away and see it for what it is, the vehicle by which the Divine gets to taste ice cream, to look upon the beauty of a child, to smell the scent of a rose, to feel the pain of betrayal, to come to realise that all experience is a part of the totality of the Eternal One and to know the Peace of Itself when the One I AM consciously abides there.

Abide with me and you will know everlasting Peace.  I AM Lord Emanuel and this is my Promise to You.  Abide in the awareness that I AM. That which you call Love. That which You Are. This is the end of separation and the beginning of the One I AM.

God Bless your Precious Hearts.

I Love You

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy