Greetings Dear Precious Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day and speak to you words that may come alive in energy and permeate your Being to transform and heal you as you are Now. For this I require your active participation which requires no effort Dear Ones, it is common for you Blessed Hearts to think that you must do something in order to be active in your participation but Dear Ones, in the ways of the higher dimensions this is not the case. Your active participation requires no effort from you at all but it does require your presence and your willingness to step out of your old ways and into the Heaven that you never left. Will you allow yourself to just receive? Can you relax enough to know that you do not have to do anything to be worthy or to receive that which is already yours by birthright?

Breathe with me now Dear Precious Hearts, that is all I actively require you to do. Long deep slow in breath, long deep slow out breath and again long slow deep inhale, long slow deep exhale, repeat this a few more times, slowly, mindfully  and peacefully. Just allow what arises to come and be met with your loving attention as it leaves your experience. Every experience you may have whether it is a thought, a smell, a memory, something that catches your eye, all experiences only last a short amount of seeming time so let them come and let them go and give them your love as they pass you by. And bring the focus of your attention to your heart.

The centre of your chest Dear Ones, your ‘spiritual heart centre’ not your physical heart. Bring your attention there and breathe into that space, with no effort, with no special technique or forced rhythm just allow your breath to be natural but focussed in the area of your heart.

And if it feels right to do so, the invitation is to begin to say in the quietness and privacy of your own mind:  

the One I AM, the One I AM, the One I AM

Gently say these words in your mind while breathing gently and naturally and be in your own experience. Your own intimate breath, your own intimate moment in space and time alone with the One I AM. The God within.

Take moment for as long as you can stand to be in Bliss and be alone with God.

Here all demands upon you will evaporate, here all meaning will evaporate, here all seeking will evaporate, here all pain and suffering does not exist, and here it is just you and God, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, the One I AM, All There Is. Here is a stillness that has no words, here is a peace that cannot be described, here is a serenity that is beyond any love making you have ever experienced on Earth, here is a sense of belonging that you have always yearned for, here is Home.

The heart is where your Home is. And your home is Heaven and it is here right now. You are in it.

God Bless you Dear Ones. I promised you I would lead you Home. And the path does not end here Dear Ones, this is a constant flow of expansion and I will walk with you wherever you would like to go for Eternity. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I welcome you Home as you will welcome Home all that cross your path and all that fall under your gaze.

Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home.

God Bless You.

I Love You.


Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy

Greetings Dear Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you and speak to your heart this day. Deep breath Precious Hearts. Deep breath. Take a moment of your time to just be still, through your breath. Use your breath as a path way to stillness, long slow deep inhale and long slow deep exhale making the sound HA or AH as you exhale as if letting out a great big sigh of relief, for in truth that is what you are doing. That sensation you call relief is the sound HA, is the sound of your heart, the sound of your body relaxing and letting go in this moment of connection. Once more, deep breath Dear Ones, be still and feel me descend in and around you, do not be afraid, do not fear to open yourself in this way Dear Hearts, it is I Lord Emanuel and I know you and I Love you. Gently, gently, I descend descend in and around you. Breathe in that deep relaxation, let your nervous system unwind and receive what is available you right now in this precious moment we share.

Dear Precious Hearts, it is a source of great sadness that I am blocked from many of your hearts through religious association. I urge you to put aside all that you think you know about me and just receive me unto you as one facet of Creator to another. Let me infuse your Being with the Truth, let me awaken that within your heart. Everything you need to know is in your heart and everything you need to know will come into your awareness the moment that you need to know it.

Dear Precious Hearts it is time to stop seeking seeking seeking to know to know to know. You already know. You are the Truth, there is no book on this Blessed Earth that can teach you anything. And that is the Truth.

Dear Ones, many of you are coming to this naturally and you all stand on the threshold in understanding and KNOWING that you have everything within you that you need. This is true in every moment but the mistake that you make is that the feeling of knowing everything feels like you know nothing. It feels like a great empty void of nothingness. And for you Dear Precious Hearts this is a very unnerving feeling indeed. You are so very much used to feeling that you must know everything all the time, that you may appear stupid if you don’t fill your head with knowledge from books, spiritual texts and if you can’t repeat spiritual quotes that makes you less spiritual.

Dear Ones, you have constant access to the infinite flow of All There Is. When you need to know something it will flow to you effortlessly and uninterrupted. And when you do not need to know something it will feel like an empty void. Please, I urge you, when you feel these moments of emptiness, and you will Dear Ones with ever increasing frequency, don’t panic. 

Breathe and relax into the feeling of nothingness. Do not confuse this state with being stupid or losing your mind. For in Truth you already lost your mind, in case you hadn’t noticed this planet is insane! Full of insanity run by insane people….you have already lost your minds! The emptyness you feel is the dissolving of the egotistic need to know and retain information to feel safe. You no longer need to remember anything but you do need to cultivate the Trust that what you do need to know will come to you when exactly you need it.

Breathe Dear Hearts. Can you already feel the sense of Peace descending upon you and the relaxation that can come when you can let go of trying to remember anything? Oh Dear Blessed Hearts it feels nothing short of Divine...fancy that!

So much of what you come to think of as the truth has come to you by the written word of someone else’s experience. Dear Ones, it is time to step away from the pages of books written by other people and step in to the experience of your own book. Start to make the connections between the theory that you have learned and the actual feeling and experience as it directly relates to you. No one can know your experience and it is time you valued your experience and wisdom that only you know only in your unique way and valued it as that of the Master that you are.

To truly step into your Mastery and truly know your power requires a tempering of the ego that is occurring in all of you. Only when your ego is dissolved and taken up its rightful place in your Being shall you step into your true Mastery for only then can you gain access to such power and infinite wisdom without becoming a power hungry maniac blasting all with ‘your truth’ instead of quietly moving through this world touching others with your silence as the radiant Light and Love of God radiates out of you touching all that are in your energy field and beyond.

Dear Hearts very few books will tell you what the unravelling of the ego and stepping into your own Truth actually feels like because few of the authors actually experienced what you are experiencing.

Be still and know that I AM God.

It is all within you Dear Precious Hearts, it is ALL within you. This is my Promise to You. I am walking by your side, in service to the Master within, turn and face me, show me your blazing Sacred Heart and see that it is the same as mine. Put down what you think you know about me and the entire world that comes from the pages of a book, even if that book presents itself as gospel truth. The Truth is within you. You are the Truth. God Bless your Precious Hearts. I bow to the Divinity that beats within them all.

I Love You.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy